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CSI: NY Filming! - Midwesterner, Northwesterner, now New Yorker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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CSI: NY Filming! [Sep. 22nd, 2010|10:11 am]
Midwesterner, Northwesterner, now New Yorker
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Ahhh, the dog days of summer in New York. You know the days...yes, the days when all the TV productions are back in full swing! :D

I heard that CSI: NY was actually *IN* New York this week filming. Since they normally film in... well, not in NY, I knew I needed to take this opportunity to go see them film while they're here. Yesterday they were in or around Central Park. So, with a camera, and an hour between meetings, I headed off towards Central Park (just 6 blocks from where I work).

In the end, I got to see them shoot a scene or two. And the weather was perfect! So, even if I hadn't seen anything, it was still a beautiful locale to sit and spend an hour on a Tuesday morning.

LEGAL STUFF: All rights reserved on the photos and descriptions. Please feel free to link back here but please do not take or repost elsewhere without permission.

I got to the corner of the Park and, lo, the holy grail of set stalking, lol. And I love that the Central Park horsies are right there in the picture, too!

Oh, and when I said it was still a beautiful locale to sit and spend an hour on a Tuesday morning, this is what I mean. This is where they were filming. And me and a bunch of other fans just unabashedly plopped ourselves down in the grass on the other side of that pond and just sat and happily watched for a while. It really was a beautiful day.

But let me point out a few things about the picture above (helpfully annotated below). You can see them filming there under the tree on the left. A pretty small, tight shot. And yet sooooo much is going on in the background, even the far background all the way to the left of the picture they've got extras milling about. I know I say this about every time but it's all just SUCH a production! All the little details that go into it really is incredible. Also, there were several paparazzi (or at least professional photographers) that were down right up close to the set. We were a little jealous. But the most hilarious thing? At least three FAKE BUSHES! I mean, you come out to New York to film in Central Park and...what? Central Park doesn't have enough greenery for you?!? L-O-L I'm tempted to go back today and take this same picture and you'll see the bushes are not there. In fact, I saw them loading them on a truck a while later. Ahhh, I love TV, I really do. :) (oh, and the "crime scene tap" note is obviously supposed to be 'tape' not 'tap'. I'm too lazy to go in and fix it. :P )

Alright, let's move on to filming. In the first shot, Sela Ward's character (who I didn't know was joining the cast and I'm all, "Hey, it's House's ex-girlfriend!") walks onto the scene and takes pictures of stuff. What was interesting about watching them film this was that the cameraman backed up as she walked forward. Here, you can see an assistant is helping guide the camera man so he doesn't trip on anything and is led to the correct place. Not also the position of the guy in all black (he's a character on the show, too).

This is why I said take note of the guy in black. After the camera stopped moving, he just sort of crouched behind it while the scene continued to film. He eventually enters the frame at the end, but... is he crouching to give Sela Ward something to look at so her eye level is correct? I don't know. It was interesting, though!

Here's a shot from another take of this same scene. Again, Mr. Crouching Tiger Hiding Behind The Camera Man is there, lol. But I also like that you can see Sela Ward totally hit her marks, too (the two red blocks/marks on the ground below her feet).

Through all this we couldn't hear any dialog, but we could here the director, "ROLLING!" and "GO AGAIN!" and "MAKE IT HAPPEN!" and "ACTION". But no dialog from the actors. But, soon, they apparently made it happen for they started resetting just a bit for a different shot/angle. And I decided to take some pictures of the extras. :D

First, how much do I love the little yellow evidence marks? Lots! Second, the bush on the right with the pinkish leaves? That's one of the fake ones. Nice little pile of leaves there to cover up the base, lol. Also the bush right behind it that's mostly hidden, well you can just barely make out that it also has a square green base. Another fake. Now, I'm not complaining or making fun or anything, I actually love it and eat these little production details right up. Because, again, the level of detail IS amazing!

And this Extra I liked for two reasons. First, he was one of the few people wearing anything that actually said "CSI:NY" and second, he was doing leg lifts/balance exercises between takes. Hehe.

Then they started getting ready for the next scene and Oh hey! Eddie Cahill (who I will forever associate with being the goalie in Miracle, lol) has joined the fun! (and Sela Ward gets her hair and makeup retouched, heh)

Okay, on to the second scene. In this scene, the three characters are holding these long white pieces of paper, they talk then wander off in different directions. In the shot below, well, you KNOW how much I love the clacker (the slate)! This was the best shot I could get just before they filmed one of the takes.

Talk, talk, talk.

Wandering off in different directions. I included this shot because you can see what's on their long sheets of papers. I do believe they're hunting footprints! Good luck to them with that! ;)

Alas, then I had to go back to work as they continued filming. I returned several hours later on the off chance they were still there. All the equipment was, but they were clearly on break, so I headed once again back to the office. HOWEVER, I got a small little bonus as just as I was walking along one of the paths, I look up ahead and, what's this? Eddie Cahill and Hill Harper (the actor who was dressed all in black) in shorts and t-shirts are jogging up the path towards me and then right by. No one recognizing them, just out for a jog in Central Park on their lunch break. Ahh, New York.

LEGAL STUFF: All rights reserved on the photos and descriptions. Please feel free to link back here but please do not take or repost elsewhere without permission.


Rather than do a whole new post, I'm just going to tack onto this one.

These set reports are from September 23, 2010:

I was fortunate to have most of the day free and was able to pretty much stalk the set and enjoy the amazing weather New York had to offer today. And I'm so glad I did. The scene I saw in the morning was just plain cool (holy bloody dead body!) and the scene in the afternoon was set near the courthouses, just about my most favoritest backdrop for filming. :) Also, John Larroquette! Dude! I had no idea he was going to be in this episode so when I saw him I was all, "Hey! Isn't that....?"

MORNING: Gary Sinise, Eddie Cahill, Sela Ward, John Larroquette have a little chat over a very dead and very bloody body

Funny story #1: Just as I was getting to the set, these two women were getting out of a cab and I swear one of them almost screamed. And then she goes, "Oh my god, I totally thought that was a real dead guy." LOL

Funny story #2: This group of four French tourists were trying to get one of the production assistants to take their picture with the scene in the background but the PA kept telling them he wasn't allowed to take pictures of the set. I don't think they understood. I offered to take their photo and they were all smiles and thumbs up and 'merci! merci!' as I took their picture with the body in the background. LOL again.

Funny story #3: I swear to goodness it's amazing there wasn't an accident—traffic wasn't stopped as this was being filming in a little island in the middle of the road. Often you could tell drivers were totally rubber necking. INCLUDING...two NYPD mounted police (picture included below). LOL times three.

Okay, the scene. Well, as I noted, there's a body. They talk about it. Sela Ward takes pictures of it. Yep, yep. That's about it, heh. So how about some pictures?

See? A body. And Gary Sinise. And Eddie Cahill (or at least his back). And Sela Ward (crouching). And John Larroquette (mostly hidden).

Here's a little bit closer look. They're all, Yep, he's dead, alright. You know, and you can sort of see why someone just passing by with a glance might think this is real.

This one just cracks me up. It's in between takes but the poor extra playing the body isn't allowed to move really (lest he mess up all the blood). But everyone's kind of ignoring him and with his head up it's almost like this injured guy is going, "Hey, guys, a little bit of help here maybe? I’m bleeding to death!" Hehe.

And even though they poor guy doesn't get to move, they still have to come in and retouch his blood. Seen here along with the standin for Sela Ward.

It was all so interesting that the NYPD took a second look...

And how about a few just fun between scenes pictures?

How much do I love this picture? Sela Ward between Eddie Cahill's and Gary Sinise's chairs? How cute... though, I'm not sure what I think about the color of her iPhone case, lol.

It's Alive! The dead body rises. :D

Not sure what got their attention, but it was nice with Gary Sinise and Eddie Cahill both turned and looked and smiled (well, mostly, lol).

And that was the morning.

AFTERNOON: Gary Sinise and John Larroquette have a press conference in front of the courthouses

I must admit, I spent as much time photographing the courthouses as I did the filming, lol. What was fun was there were lots of other people watching the filming and the same conversations took place over and over and were entertaining every time:

1. "Oh look, they're filming Law and Order." (yes, this was common. But understandable considering just how often one version or another of Law and Order films in the area).

2. "What's going on?!? Is Obama coming?!" No, I'm not kidding. Obama *was* in town today, but me thinks security would be a little tighter if he was the guy giving the press conference, heh.

3. "Oh, it's...it's....that guy! You know, from Night Court!"

4. "Who's in this?" "Gary Sinise." "What's he been in?" "Um...Forrest Gump. He was Lieutenant Dan." (and every time it was said it was said with Forrest Gump's "Lieutenant Dayun" accent. Awesome. :D

Anyway, the guy from Night Court and Lieutenant Dan have a brief tussle (a conversation in which they clearly disagree about something), then they hold a press conference, then they walk away and have another conversation. Since I could really hear none of it, I really haven't a clue what it was all about, lol.

But...the pictures are fun!

Yep, awesome backdrop for anything you might be filming. And how cool are those chairbacks?

Well, those chair backs are so cool I went all artistic with them! :D

And yea! I finally got a good picture of the clacker! Woo!

Three shots from the scene itself. The press conference really looked real!

Looking all bad.

Lookin even badder.

I don't know why, but this picture just Cracks.Me.Up. Is John Larroquette looking right into the camera?

This picture scares me a little. I think Gary Sinise (getting miked up and holding his script) looks, uh, rather intense.

And this is my fav fav picture. Chillin' between takes. Love. It.

Ahhh, what a day. And if you want to see my pictures of the courthouses, they'll be in the next post in this blog. :)

Thanks for reading! It was a very fun couple of visits to the set, for sure! Hopefully see you next year, CSI: NY!

LEGAL STUFF: All rights reserved on the photos and descriptions. Please feel free to link back here but please do not take or repost elsewhere without permission.

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[User Picture]From: highlander_ii
2010-09-22 05:26 pm (UTC)
\o/ Sela! She still looks damned good! (And *so* needs to show up on House again - soon!) And - she might get me to watch, at least a few eps, of CSI:NY. =)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: beautdisastr
2010-09-25 04:34 pm (UTC)
Great great great pictures!!!

SELA!!!! ♥ God I love her! Thanks for posting the pictures! AMAZING!
(Reply) (Thread)